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Black Stella 4t
Slate Blue Stella 4t
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Stella, our first love. Her green character and miserly gas consumption are the product of the world's most pragmatic and forward thinking engineers. She still shifts like a sports car, but the engine is quiet and the vibrations are gone. In a variety of happy colors, she boasts a city rating of 100 miles per gallon. Dress her up; she's ready to go wherever you go. You can hook up a handmade, all-steel sidecar in matching colors if you want to be the coolest person on your block.

Welcome to Classic Scootering

If you know vintage Vespas, you might know the modern 150cc 4-stroke Stella.  It's a simple stamped-steel monocoque body complete with steel sidecovers and a big steel front fender.  A spare tire is under one cover, the compact drive unit—combined with swingarm and transmission—juts out on the other side.  Suspension is handled by a monoshock in back and that signature landing-gear-like single-sided front end.  Braking is handled by a disc brake (with braided steel line) in front and a drum in back.

Clean burning

To ensure meeting emissions requirements for the foreseeable future, the Genuine Scooter factory tossed out that smoky old two-stroke powerplant and replaced it with a catalyzed, clean-burning four-stroke, 147.55cc air-cooled Single. It retains a four-speed manual gearbox, carburetor and hand-operated clutch as well as that iconic PX150 chassis.

Styling and Design

The Stella's styling is remarkable and if you look closely at it and you'd swear it was 1977 all over again. Check out the aluminum trim along the leg shield, lustrous paint in five designer colors, long-stalk chrome mirrors and those stamped-steel interchangeable, bolt-together 10-inch wheels.  Lift the seat to fill the 5.5 liter tank, pull out the choke knob, flip the fuel tap to “on,” and shove down on the kickstart lever to start it up (there's electric start too). 

The PX design—itself a refinement of the original Vespa from the late 1940s—is a highly evolved product, used by millions worldwide as basic and practical urban transportation.  It's simple to ride (don't let the clutch and gearbox intimidate you — working the tranny with your wrist is easy and intuitive), has good brakes, goes up any hill you want, is very easy to get on its centerstand, and there's a little clip under the seat for your man-or-woman purse (or grocery bags).  Errands and intra-urban commuting are suddenly easy and fun.

Well Accessorized

If the five color choices don't allow enough free expression, you can always accessorize.  Because the Stella is such a close facsimile of the original Vespa product, many vintage Vespa parts will bolt on, including bodywork, chrome bits, seat, crashbars and other items.  Add a top box and a windscreen if you want to go road warrior, or you can do the full-on crashbars-and-spotlights Quadraphenia treatment.

It's not just fun for the rider.  The Stella has the power to draw a crowd and start conversations.  Strangers want to know what it is, who makes it, how much it costs, if it's hard to ride, how far it'll go on a tank of gas.  It looks good no matter how you look at it—authentic and well-proportioned.  Everybody is surprised when you tell them it's a new bike and it gets 100 miles per gallon.







Stella 4-Stroke Specs

Engine        147.55cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled
Transmission        4-speed manual with "twist grip" shifting
Colors        Avocado, Creme, Slate Blue, White, Dijon Yellow, Red, Black, Creme & Avocado, Creme & Slate Blue
Suspension        Gabriel® performance shocks
Tire Size        3.5" x 10" Interchangable
Braking        Front Grimeca Hydraulic Disc, 6" Rear Drum
Top Speed        100 km/h
MPG        100 EPA city estimate.
Warranty        2-Year / Unlimited-mile


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