Surron Storm Bee Offroad (coming soon)

The Storm Bee: A Full-Size Electric Dirt Bike.

Sur Ron™ has once again set the new benchmark for high-performance, electric off-road motorcycles. The Storm Bee will be available in three configurations: First, a competition MX version, followed by an enduro model and a road-legal version.

Benefitting from Sur Ron’s™ proprietary powertrain and motorcycle design concept, the Storm Bee has an extremely high standard of performance. 0-80 km/h comes in only 3.6 seconds, due in part to the elimination of frequent gear shifting and clutch control.

Strong Powertrain & Unique Frame Design

The high-strength and ergonomic frame structure was designed exclusively for the Storm Bee platform, offering optimal stiffness and flexibility for a greatly enhanced riding experience. The compact, three-layer arrangement of the battery pack, motor control unit and motor minimizes unsprung weight and balances the Storm Bee. The 45-degree steering angle and 1,436 mm wheelbase enhances off-road manoeuvrability while maintaining excellent high-speed stability.

Multiple Drive Modes

Choose from different riding modes to adapt to varying riding conditions. ECO mode can maximize the range, while RAIN mode provides gentle power delivery for slippery conditions. SPORTS mode puts full power on tap, while TURBO mode will excite every fibre of your nerves. Whatever the conditions, you can always rely on your Storm Bee.

Limits the power output to maximize efficiency and range. No more range anxiety; just enjoy your riding.

The power output of Storm Bee is gentler and smoother, while Active Spin Reduction (traction control) activates more aggressively, preventing the rear wheel from spinning on wet and slippery surfaces.

Turn on the SPORTS mode to make Storm Bee respond much more aggressively. Balanced performance is the top priority.

TURBO mode allows for a burst of extra power for a short period and unleashes the “storm” in Storm Bee.

Rider Aids

Previously unseen on traditional dirt bikes, a reverse gear comes standard on the Storm Bee. This feature makes it easier to manoeuvre in limited spaces, from tight trails to parking lots.

This indicator illuminates on the dash when the bike is live or ready to move, and flashes if the throttle is actuated and the bike is moving.

The transmission ratio can be adjusted according to different wheels and sprocket sizes to make sure the speedometer always shows the correct speed.

BERS (E-Brake Energy Return System)
The Storm Bee comes standard with a multi-level, adjustable energy system to regenerate the battery during braking. Enjoy extra range and enjoy the ride without the anxiety.

ASR (Active Spin Reduction)
The ASR traction control system was independently developed by Sur Ron™. With multiple levels of control and on-the-fly adjustability, the Storm Bee can adapt to a variety of road conditions for optimal grip and improved safety.

Fully Adjustable, Customized Performance Suspension

The Storm Bee’s suspension was specially developed by a dedicated suspension engineering team to work optimally with the bike’s electric powertrain. By attending cross-country championships and gaining tuning experience from around the world, Sur Ron™ engineers found the ideal balance between comfort and off-road sport performance. A 47 mm inverted front fork is paired with a rear monoshock (wheel travel is 290 mm/11.4 in. front and back).

Surron Storm Bee Offroad (coming soon)

Make Surron
Model Storm Bee
Year 2022
Condition New
Stock Number N/A
Kilometers 110 KM per hour top speed
Color Yellow, Black
Displacement 22.5KW 520 nM torque
Starter NA
Cooling NA
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Capacity 100 KM range to a charge
Seat Height 37"
Weight 280 lbs
Storm Bee
110 KM per hour top speed
Stock Number

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